Stair Runners & Rods

A staircase is often one of the first things you and your guests see upon entering your home. It’s important to choose flooring that not only looks beautiful but is also functional and durable.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Do you love the minimalist look of hardwood stairs but want the safety and comfort of carpet?

A stair runner is the perfect solution. Stair runners are a type of carpet that run up the centre of the staircase, leaving some hardwood visible on each step.

With our specialist flooring services, including precise measuring and installation, you’ll enjoy the beauty of hardwood stairs combined with the benefits of carpet.

Stair Runners

A stair runner not only adds style to your home but also provides protection to your hardwood stairs.

It helps prevent scratches, stains, and wear caused by shoes, pets, and daily use. This means you won’t have to treat the wood as often and your stairs will look great for longer.

Stylish and Versatile

Stair runners come in a variety of colours, patterns, and styles, making it easy to add a touch of elegance and texture to your home. You can choose a matching carpeted hallway and landing or add a pop of colour to your wooden floors with a beautiful stair runner.


Carpeted stairs are safer than hardwood stairs, reducing the risk of slips and minimising injury in case of a fall.

Bare wooden stairs can be noisy, but with a stair runner, you’ll enjoy a quieter and more relaxing home.

They help to reduce the sound of footsteps and vacuum cleaners, making it ideal for homes with children.

Stair Rods

In addition to supplying and installing stair runners, All Out Flooring also provides all the necessary accessories, including stylish stair rods.

These decorative metal batons sit at the base of each step, helping to keep your stair runner in place and adding a luxurious touch.

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Our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you find the perfect stair runner and rods for your home, and our measuring and fitting service ensures a perfect fit every time.